"A Piece of the Past" woodworking....making barnboard beautiful!


Using wood from southern Ontario barns that have been torn down to create unique and original furniture is the foundation of our business. Each piece is hand made with the traditional characteristics of barnboard to enhance its beauty. No two pieces are alike, and every piece is custom made. From harvest tables to kitchen islands each piece is created to enhance the beauty of the wood and satisfy the customers individual request.
I have a large inventory of hemlock and pine barnboard to work with from many local barns, but some customers like to supply the barnboard for their project as it comes from a barn or house that has sentimental value to them.
Please visit the photogallery to see some "A Piece of the Past" creations.
Prices vary depending on the size and detail required so each piece is quoted individually. Please email with your requirements and we will gladly quote your project.





If it's time for new furniture or a specialty item, and what you are looking for is a one of kind furniture piece, then turn to A Piece of the Past and be impressed.   That is, if you are searching for better quality and finishing than you find with mass produced furniture.

When you meet the Owner of A Piece of the Past,  Doug Poyntz , you are greeted with a warm smile, friendly personality, the firm handshake of a true craftsman and honest eyes that fill with excitement when he talks about one of the loves of his life, woodworking.

First, let us tell you about the beginning of Doug Poyntz & A Piece of the Past. The foundation of the craftsman started forming back in 1992.  

Doug began working alongside his Mom, Shirley at various craft shows.  While Doug enjoyed these shows and making his products, he himself, was still searching for something more, searching for his own niche. 

About this time, knowing what Doug was capable of, a friend asked Doug to make him a table.  With one request granted; his friend received a beautiful piece of art, Doug found his niche and Rural Roots Woodworks was born (which was later renamed to “A Piece of the Past” ).

When you think of fine hand crafted furniture, do you ever wonder about the history of where that wood came from?  If it is from A Piece of the Past you would probably already know. 

Let us digress back to that piece of art, the table for the friend. Doug wanted something a little different and decided barn board was perfect. 

You see, barn board is quite distinct since the wood used is no longer made. The barns where Doug gets his wood for A Piece of the Past are from century old barns and the wood taken from them are over 200 years old! 

Imagine, being 200 years old and still very much desired!  Doug says the trees they used to build those barns, had to be at least 100 years old and that wood is unique holding a lot of history & character.  That's what draws people to love the look.  

Now that you know about the wood, you have to think about the labour, time and care that the craftsman applied to each of his pieces. If that craftsman is Doug Poyntz, of A Piece of the Past you can be assured it was a true labour of love and meticulous care was given.  

Here is what happens to the boards at the A Piece of the Past shop.  Doug takes the wood and power washes it, removes all the nails, carefully runs it through a planer, applying just the right amount of light pressure to keep its character, replaces the nails and varnishes the whole board over. The wood needs ten coats of varnish for a finished product.

Once the varnishing is done the crafting begins for this self taught woodworker.  When we say meticulous care and labour of love we are not exaggerating, there are no cutting corners in this shop.   Doug says if it isn't good enough for his own house it doesn't go out and he means it.  In one instance after working on a table for two weeks, it just didn't reach the standards Doug has set for A Piece of the Past, it didn't matter that he laboured over it for two weeks which calculates into about 53 hours, Doug burned it! 

Word of Doug Poyntz and his work reached Mike Holmes of the famed Holmes on Homes television show. Mike came by A Piece of the Past shop, was very impressed. So impressed that he invited Doug to work on three of his Holmes on Homes shows, put A Piece of the Past Woodworking on his website and owns some of their furniture as well!  

Check out https://www.apieceofthepast.com for a suggested list of pieces such harvest tables, trundle beds, end & hall tables, entertainment units, mirrors and also wine racks & planters that make great gift items!  These are just suggested pieces, because keep in mind, if you can dream it, Doug can build it, with any type of wood you prefer and with any finishing you desire at A Piece of the Past.